Google Android 2.2

Google Android 2.2 is a shot in most of the developers of Tablet PC and pipelines in the table as Android 3.0 seems to be the ideal choice.
Many companies and Tablet PCs for new products in the fourth quarter of this year, and start Android 3.0 is expected to be released in October.
One of the big companies, the firm defender of the future release of Android Motorola. Rumors specifications are rare in this Droid with 512 MB RAM, an ARM processor and expandable microSD memory. They are striving to make their first foray into the tablet market around November.
Another company, by bypassing Android 2.0 Tablet PC to 2.2, the term of the ink. According to a recent blog entry by the Director General, said Rohan Shravan this to say: .. "There is great confusion about gingerbread in the meeting rooms here is 2.2 to difficult to explain to this operating system. And there are few products hit 3.0 soon. It is necessary to assess what it means. The window is very small 2.2 Device. "

These two companies are the first to publicly announce that Google move to 3.0 from 2.2, and many companies come out with new chips at the end of the year should consider what "standard for Android Societies LG, Asus, Toshiba and other companies .
Android 3.0 slates impact on the design phase of product development is very important. What is the main difference in Android 3.0? In essence, they concentrate on the shelves. Has a strict set of minimum requirements for equipment, such as: 1 GHz processor, 512 MB RAM and a bigger screen of 3.5 inches. Also gives a boost to the resolution, with a maximum of 1280 x 760th We have all heard the rumors come on the next generation of smartphones with a 2 GHz processor, so go the manufacturers of pills to a higher CPU.
Google Android will in the future development in October of this year if it can be divided into two branches. 3.0 for high-end luxury. Cheap, Android keep low-end mass market mobile phones 2.1/2.2
He whispers that 3.0 kill companies that make their own shells for their appliances. If you see the Dell Tablet series in Britain last month and see the leap from North America in August, which was filed with Android 1.6 and has its own interface. They promised updates to 2.2 in September. Other companies, customized graphical user interface for their devices: HTC Sense MOTOBLUR, among others.
One of the biggest drawbacks to improve the resistance against companies Google Android is complex, because massive deposits or the graphical user interface and its improvement is a difficult undertaking. With the elimination of the deposits, the Google Updater 3.0 is not on a standard operating system for smartphones, but above all Tablet PC.
With the advent of an operating system more uniform, so that more complex applications that an Android widgets, graphical user interface function and add the fact of the community, which would be viable on all platforms can use Android. This is a boon for independent developers who make a living in open applications and de facto standard application of a much larger market.
A number of companies that use their own shell usually have their own space applications market, or recommended to the website of the company’s applications.They do this because many applications do not work on devices, because the custom of the shell. Android 3.0 is the need for companies to apo applications and allow more public forum ..



Audio/Video:Support 1080P HDMI video,music,chat,picture

Other features: 4G micro SD ,

Support WIFI 802.11 b/g,Broadband connection,external 3G(EVDO/WCDMA), Bluetooth


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