ZT-180 V2 Android 2.2 ZT-180 2

New Android 2.2 ZT 180 v2 have fast processor 1G Cpu and 512mb DDR2 Ram and 4GB Flash disk , and add a 1.3 Mega Pixels Camera ,

great new Zenithink  ll ZT180 2 10.2″ inch Android 2.2 512MB Ram 1G Process Tablet PC is convenient, easy-to-use and the latest in personal computing trends. designed to allow you to watch movies, listen to music, play games, read documents and surf the web on the go.

It supports 1080P video in a variety of formats including AVI and MPEG as well plays MP3s, WMAs and a number of other audio formats. In addition, it is compatible with word, excel, powerpoint and pdf documents. Max Standby Time: 5 Hours with WIFI on, 8 Hours with WIFI off, Thanks to the LED energy-saving backlit

The Tablet PC support setup android app and going android Market http://www.android.com/market download app ,and support run 3D game

Link : http://www.itabletpcshop.com/Zenithink-ll-ZT-180-2-Android-2.2-Tablet-PC-512MB-4GB-Processor-1G

ZT-180 Android Tablets

ZT-180 Android Tablets


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