FlyTouch 7 SuperPad Tablets

The fly touch tablet built in GPS so more user like it , new flytouch vii tablet  update processor CPU to A10 1.2 GHz and update RAM to 1GHz next built in GPS chip , 10.2 inch touchscreen you can write an email, flick through photos, watch a HD movie, play a game,online youtube video player, take a photo or record a video etc..

Built a fast WiFi module support 802.11 b/g wireless network connection in office or home , you can Internet connection anywhere, the External connection have 2× USB port support 3G  network card , USB Disk and any USB device Give your life more joy .

New android 4.03 OS with flash 11.0 in the flytouch 7  you can view online video in youtube and yahoo etc.. site pre-installed google android play market and email client ,  Over 500,000+ apps in the market and customize your android ebook reader to make it exclusively yours. featured Apps include News, Weather, Work, Social, Travel, Play, and more .



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